I Was Not Selected to the Team – What Now?

Purpose: This post is for Athletes to consult if they were not selected to a specific team. This document will outline the Athlete’s rights and tips for what to do moving forward.Step 1 – Seek Legal AdviceWe always recommend that you seek legal representation/advice as soon as you are notified of non-selection. A lawyer can inform you of your rights and help you sort through your organization’s policies. The more time the representative has before the appeal deadline the better. Please feel free to contact Sport Solution for free assistance at Step 2 – How Long do I Have to Appeal the Decision?Check your organizations Selection Policy (which may be general or event specific). This policy should state how long you have to file a notice of appeal. It is usually a certain number of days from the date that you were notified that you were not selected. Make a note of the due date for the notice of appeal and consider your options.Step 3 – How was the Decision…